California Voter Polling

Is California Failing Seniors? Voters Say Yes.

In a June 2018 poll conducted by We Stand With Seniors, an overwhelming majority (84 percent) of California voters would be more likely to support a candidate for governor who has a vision and long-term master plan to address the state’s increasing need for senior services – and more than half (57 percent) would be willing to support a tax increase to fund it.

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Vast Majority of California Voters Favor Candidates for Governor with Plan to Serve State’s Fast-Growing Senior Population

More than two-thirds of California voters feel the state is not prepared to address the health and social service needs of its fast-growing senior population, and that sentiment could sway votes in the race for governor, according to a March 2018 poll commissioned by two California-based senior-focused nonprofit organizations: West Health and The SCAN Foundation.

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