California Voter Polling

New Poll Reveals California Voters Want the State to Meet Many Challenges Facing Older Adults, Families

An overwhelming majority of California voters support Governor Newsom’s Executive Order calling for a Master Plan for Aging (Master Plan), according to a recent We Stand With Seniors statewide survey. Beyond supporting the plan’s development and examining the top aging-related priorities that voters want addressed, the survey found seven out of 10 voters – nearly half of whom are providing or have provided caregiving support – want the state to be held accountable for the Master Plan’s investment and implementation.

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Is California Failing Seniors? Voters Say Yes.

In a June 2018 poll conducted by We Stand With Seniors, an overwhelming majority (84 percent) of California voters would be more likely to support a candidate for governor who has a vision and long-term master plan to address the state’s increasing need for senior services – and more than half (57 percent) would be willing to support a tax increase to fund it.

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Vast Majority of California Voters Favor Candidates for Governor with Plan to Serve State’s Fast-Growing Senior Population

More than two-thirds of California voters feel the state is not prepared to address the health and social service needs of its fast-growing senior population, and that sentiment could sway votes in the race for governor, according to a March 2018 poll commissioned by two California-based senior-focused nonprofit organizations: West Health and The SCAN Foundation.

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