Gubernatorial Candidates Commit to Master Plan for Aging

October 11, 2018

Gubernatorial Candidates Commit to Master Plan for Aging

We Stand With Seniors recently scored a major success with businessman John Cox and Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom publicly committing to create a master plan for aging in video statements unveiled at The SCAN Foundation’sCalifornia Summit on Long-Term Services and Supports: Strengthening Voices; Driving Change.”

The fact that both the Republican and Democratic gubernatorial candidates pledged to prioritize seniors, families, and caregivers if elected, is historic and unprecedented. It also proves that, with your help, our campaign is working – it is breaking through the noise and getting noticed. Mr. Cox and Lt. Gov. Newsom clearly understand the urgent need to adequately prepare and strengthen California’s infrastructure. They are both well aware that one in five older adults is currently living in poverty and four million more seniors will need healthcare and support services in the next 10 years. Thank you for a job well done!

Let’s not stop now. We need your continued support to keep senior-related issues front and center leading up to Election Day and beyond. Regardless of who is elected on November 6, We Stand With Seniors will seek to work with the new governor during the transition and the administration’s first 100 days to ensure a master plan for aging becomes a reality in the Golden State – benefiting generations to come.

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