Now Is The Time. We #StandWithSeniors… Will You?

June 4, 2018

Now Is The Time. We #StandWithSeniors… Will You?

More than two-thirds of California voters feel the state is not prepared to address the health and social service needs of its fast-growing aging population, and they’re absolutely right. California is heading for a crisis in caring for our senior population.

As a nonpartisan educational and awareness campaign, We Stand With Seniors engages older adults, advocates, stakeholders and policymakers to discuss these issues and the need to create and implement a master plan that properly addresses the challenges faced by our fast-growing aging population.

To ensure the state acts now, We Stand With Seniors reached out to California gubernatorial candidates to educate them on senior issues and the need to #StandWithSeniors. By pledging to #StandWithSeniors, each candidate has not only acknowledged our state’s senior care crisis, each candidate has committed themselves to creating and implementing a long-term solution that addresses the cost and delivery of healthcare, dental care, housing and supportive services our seniors need to age safely and with dignity.

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